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The real reason we don’t have a Warsi-religious state

In by Kit, Pope my ride, Zeitgeist on February 19, 2012 at 13:16

A lot of the back-and-forth this week between secularists, religious fear mongerers and non-denominational commentators has missed the point. The reason that religion is not a big issue in this country is that that is the way people like it.

The vomit inducing speech Baroness Warsi gave this week (followed by an equally putrid pat on the back by the Pope), which was somehow perfectly timed to coincide by the High Court’s ruling regarding prayer in council meetings, has taken what is an undeniably latent, yet unimportant, issue and blown it out of all proportions. Some of the rhetoric this week following this stomach-turning has made the Republican primary God-off sound more like the battle to be crowned Radio 2s Folk Artist of the Year.

It is easy to charge straight in and attack the hypocritical nature of Warsi’s and other’s arguments that modern British secularism is both militant and intolerant. However I think this misses the point. It is impossible to have a rationale debate with religious fundamentalists. That is why I think the research released by the Richard Dawkins Foundation this week is so important.

Dawkins has been relentlessly jeered at and ridiculed by the anti-thinking press this week for his failure to immediately recall the full title of ‘The Origin of Species’. In fact he did, admittedly after a few stutterings, recount the full title of the book.

Instead of focussing on an obnoxious attempt to undermine the secularist movement, by portraying one man as its ultimate defender, and challenging him in the way Dale Winton would challenge someone to recount what was in their shopping trolley, we should be acknowledging the research and allowing the research to do what proper research should do: catalyse a period of self-reflection. I believe we should analyse why we are so het-up about being a Christian nation when in fact beneath the surface we are not.

We are not a Christian nation not because of militant secularism or because a nurse is not allowed to wear a cross on rounds, it is because we are a forward thinking free country which has evolved on its own, without help from secularists, from the stranglehold of religion.

I feel it is this fact which irritates and annoys religious protagonists most. The majority of people in this country have found and developed their own way to live and run their lives without religious interference. Furthermore people have found that they have managed to avoid raping, murdering and stealing from their neighbour without an espousal of so-called religious virtues every Sunday. Those wishing to portray secularists as hostile brainwashers should consider the fact that the driving force behind secularism in this country has not been secularists or scientists or a single man who wanted to ban prayer in council meetings (not because he was selfish and intolerant but for the fact that he holds a public office and therefore rightly believes that the principle of neutrality should underpin all public meetings, not for the benefit of him but for the benefit of all). Secularism has been championed in this country not by the aforementioned accused parties but by the free democratic principles that British society is based upon. No single person or group can change that whether they are religious or not.


Toby fucking Young

In by Kit, Zeitgeist on December 15, 2010 at 02:23

Excuse the title but this is a late night outburst at a person for whom my anger and resentment have been building for quite some time.

If you haven’t already watched the pathetic and insulting interview conducted between Ben Brown and Jody Mcintyre last night on on the BBC News channel then here it is:

The delightful spokesperson for fuckwits Toby Young has decided to ride in on his shite horse of wanton ignorance with a lovely piece in the Torygraph:

Fucking shitting christ on a bike Toby Young is a bigotted tosser. “If he wants to be so bloody “equal” then he has to face up to the same shit as everybody else”, is the jist of what Young is saying about Jody Mcintyre and it echoes the rally cries of the narrow minded and intolerant as a way of justifying their prejudices. No one has actually suggested that Jody Mcintyre deserves special treatment in fact the only importance his disability has on the whole debate is the fact that it prevents him from a: being able to wheel his wheelchair towards the police, and b: throw something from it.

Young’s reaction to the bullish and biased nature of the BBC interview is to focus it on Jody’s disability. He’s that fucking stupid and prejudiced that he thinks peoples’ problem with the interview is that it is an attack on someone with a disability or that Ben Brown showed a lack of compassion rather than the real reason, which is Brown’s complete lack of impartiality. He is clearly so backward that he didn’t manage to listen to anything that was said and fixated himself on the fact that the person in the interview in question happened to have a disability.

Young then goes on to chastise Mcintyre for the lack of policy ‘homework’ he did before deciding to join the march. Although Young ackonwledges the ‘open and shut’ nature of the case surrounding the footage of Jody Mcintyre being pulled from his wheelchair’ the rest of his article is full of unreasonable and unaccounted malice, its nice to find the Torygraph have their own Jan Moir in waiting.

Freshly Juiced

In by Kit, Zeitgeist on October 31, 2010 at 20:21

his week also saw a breakthrough moment for sanity as all round Humdrum favourite The Juice Media and their amazing and thought-provoking Rap News saw its first (real) special guest.

Rap News, created by Hugo Farrant (AKA Robert Foster) and Giordano Nanni is a truly awesome blend  of poetry, satire, hip-hop and comedy with its cross-hairs fixed firmly on unaccountable power, in politics and the media and injustices worldwide.

This recent update is surely the best yet with a surprise guest appearance which left me screaming at my lap top in amazement, enjoy…

Poking Fun at Power

In by Kit, Crossing the pond, International, Zeitgeist on October 31, 2010 at 18:06

y last post was about an unspoken voice standing up for itself- the ‘Protest the Pope’ march held last month against Pope Benedict’s “state” visit to the UK. I’m overjoyed that I get to comment on a similar event (although more ironic than emotional) again in the aftermath of the ‘Rally to restore sanity and/or fear’ which happened yesterday afternoon in Washington DC.

The rally, organised by The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report’s Stephen Colbert (and with a lot of help from Comedy Central and some prime time celebs) was a response to a similar but all the more serious rally organised by Fox News anchor Glenn Beck last month called ‘Restoring Honour’. Similar to the Pope protest Colbert and Stewart’s march was a reaction to an often unquestioned unaccountable force, this time it was the force of the mainstream media in America.

The rally was clearly organised to coincide with the US midterm election on Tuesday. However it was timed to raise awareness of media tactics and the fake narratives used to cause fear rather than persuade an electorate. Stewart and Colbert were asking for sanity in the current climate of hysteria driven network news. The satirists accuse Beck and the team at Fox News of fuelling right-wing irrationality and capitalising on the emergence of the tea-party to further their own ideological ends.

Yesterday was definitely a victory for irony and the power of satire to undermine those in power. It’s questionable how much of an impact the rally can have as many attendees were clear converts but like the march against the pope a movement needs a beginning and I’m sure that yesterday was an inspiring event for those lucky enough to be there.