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umdrum is used to describe the inescapable monotony and tedium of our lives. However it also describes the world in which we surround ourselves. So, without further ado we welcome you, to the humdrum…

Humdrum is a digested version of everyday life – an amalgamation of news, analysis, discussion and stuff we like. We want humdrum to be about content and not the contributors so we hope the posts will speak for themselves. In an age where the blogosphere is cluttered with uneducated fact and opinion, humdrum hopes to analyse and critique not persuade or patronize.

Although we may not have the resources to compete with established news blogs we aim to find the niche between hard news and subjective opinion. Humdrum will rely on the facts behind the stories and the issues that matter.


umdrum is a place for argument and discussion because – let’s face it – no one is every 100% right. We’re welcome to criticism and rebuttals or even just views from another perspective. At the end of every article we publish we invite you to add comments and we aim to publish all which are not gibberish.

If you would like to get your opinions and writing on the site the best way is to share your thoughts by commenting – we’ll republish any lengthy (and quality) comments as articles (with your permission, of course). Or if you’ve got something on your mind that hasn’t been covered on the site (there’s a fair bit of that) get in touch.