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Odd Milliband & Di-Bot

In by Sam, Going Into Labour 2010 on September 17, 2010 at 12:11

y vote (if I had one) would go to Ed Milliband. Not because he has the best policies, might stand up to the PM better than his rivals or any other intelligent reason like that. I like Ed because he’s Odd. The guy looks like a cross between Wallace and Ernie (as in Bert and). Stumbling slightly with his words, with a congested tone to his voice – he out shines (in my opinion) his smooth, manicured and well practiced brother David (the bookie’s favourite). What we need in politics is less of the image-consulted and more of the odd – you can brand it as geek-chic if you like.

Od Milliband: The love child of Ernie and Wallace - Bert will be so upset

Having said that, Diane Abbot (I thought) was the obvious winner of the Labour Leadership Question Time Special. And not because the bookies loser managed to chant more slogans or make her answers as long and drawn out as possible.

Click Below To keep Reading…It was the dignity she maintained throughout the night whilst the boys around her squabbled and bickered – all shoosh-ed or told off on several occasions – that made her stand out. While others moaned about not getting a chance to answer each and every question and point she was happy to wait her turn and made a bigger impact with fewer words. Early on she had the others dumbfounded when pointing out all their contrition for the actions and mistakes of the past government was, at best hypercritical, as they all played significant roles in the very same mistakes. The odds are unfortunately not on her side.

My other intelligent thoughts on the Question Time Special are as follow:

  • Andy Burnham threw a strop twice
  • The Millibands went to great lengths to never make eye contact even when talking about each other (they also managed to never speak to each other)
  • Andy was the only one who put forward a gallant reason for voting for the Iraq war but his emotional moment was immediately outshone by Dianne Abbot pointing out, while he wanted to establish some clear guidelines on conflict, the rest of the world used International Law to guide it’s judgment.
  • Ed, Ed (Balls – haven’t mentioned him yet) and David all went very uncomfortably weasel-like when asked if a firewoman who was being sacked in order to force her to sign a new, unfairer contract should strike. Whilst distancing themselves from irrational union politics is a good idea, blustering and avoiding the question is not.
  • David, sitting at one end of the table, spent the whole night awkwardly twisted towards the audience, almost refusing to glance at any of the other panelists or (host) David Dimbleby – presumably to deliver his words of wisdom straight into the hearts of the audience. He was by far the most scripted and catch-phrase-y.
  • Ed Milliband went to great lengths to reassure us of how much he loved the other candidates and would pick them all for his shadow cabinet – he doesn’t seem to realize the shadow cabinet is elected by the whole party – not picked by its leader.

This was the last official hustings for the leadership contest and the winner will be announced on the eve of the party conference – the 25th of September


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