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U.S Midterms a.k.a Taking One For The Team

In by Sam, Crossing the pond on September 14, 2010 at 21:12

f you believe what you hear (and read) Obama’s Democrats are “cruising for a bruising” in this years midterm elections (to the House and Senate). Tim Kaine, head of the Democratic National Convention, recently described the Democrats as “the underdogs” in the race – this might seem strange as they are incumbents in the executive and both legislative branches of government – and pretty much have free reign.

The reason for the pessimism is more to do with Americans historical dislike of Congress, not Barack Obama. For the past year Obama’s approval ratings have hovered around +50% (having fallen slowly from a post-election 70ish %) Congress’s haven’t even seen positive figures for a long time (it currently sits around 70% disapproval).

The up side for the Democrats is that, like Bill Clinton before him, Obama might lose the House but stay on to win a second term in office.

How? you cry… well it’s really pretty simple. By losing Congress to the GOP not only is Obama free of the stigma of being close to the House but the Republicans become responsible for their own actions. They currently sit in the privileged position of criticizing all that the Democrats do without being accountable for very much at all. If they were to seize power in the Midterms not only may they become saddled with the curse of Congress but responsibility for their actions within it.

Click Below To keep Reading…For Obama, having already passed several landmark bills, a few years of talking big and “fighting” against an evil, obstructive Republican controlled Congress may only serve him well at 2012s presidential election.

After all, the last Democratic President to hold onto Congress in the midterms ended up losing the presidency after their 1st term.


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